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Welcome to General Family Dentistry

Our Mission


We provide comprehensive state of the art diagnosis and evidence - based treatment to increase our patients’ health-span and lifespan.



At General Family Dentistry, our goal is to provide the highest quality of dental care in a gentle, efficient, and pleasant manner, in addition to encouraging the prevention of dental problems in the future.



Dr. Monte Burtch has been a trusted family dentist in the Palmer area since 1995 and has the knowledge and experience you can trust with your dental care. Working alongside Dr. Burtch is our wonderful team, made up of dedicated professionals who truly care about providing a pleasant dental experience to you and your family.



How is General Family Dentistry Different?

    Although we do many traditional dental procedures, we continually learn to provide them in a way that improves our health-span as well as lifespan.  Here are three areas:



Our Comprehensive Exam

We provide an Individualized Risk Assessment (From your Health and Dental History and Clinical Exam to determine quality treatment options to achieve the goals you desire for your oral health based on your Customized Risk Assessment.  





Our focus on Periodontal Health

As part of the Wellness Dentistry Network, our mission encompasses oral and total-body health.  Because oral and general health are interlinked, we integrate wellness protocols into every office procedure, recommendation for home care, and long-term treatment plan.  All our procedures and recommendations are research-based.  Bacteria in the mouth have been shown to travel through the system and cause not only gum disease but also heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and dementia to name a few.  As Wellness Dentistry practitioners, we have the training and tools necessary to identify disease early.  Our goal is for you to have not only good oral health, but also increased vitality, greater longevity, and higher quality of life. 

Our Hygienists have also attended advanced Periodontal Training and Training for Total Body Wellness and attend specific courses featuring complete body wellness and current modalities of treatment.



Our focus on Advancing Dentistry through Science

Dr. Burtch continues to participate in the Kois Center as a Mentor and Clinical Instructor, promoting Advances in Dentistry through Science to provide predictable outcomes in both Esthetics and Function in the treatment we provide.

Our Hygienists have also attended advanced Periodontal Training and Training for Total Body Wellness.


This initial Comprehensive Exam, Our focus on Periodontal Health and Total Body Wellness, and Our focus on Advancing Dentistry through Science and the continued quality of care through treatment is what I believe sets our office apart from others, and if this is what you would like for you or your family, we would love seeing you.

Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Burtch and join our happy, smiling dental family.